Top 100 DIY Outdoor Living Blogs For Your Best Summer Ever (Page 3/3)

Posted June 23 2015

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The Turquoise Home


The Turquoise Home- LauraThe Turquoise Home is run by Laura whose favorite color in pink. Or maybe it’s turquoise? Her specialty is sharing DIY home decor and crafts, recipes, and natural living tips with her readers. Laura is the sister you never had (or better than the one you do) and you’ll feel like she really cares about making your home unique to your personality. 5 Easy Steps to Stain an Outdoor Structure will teach you how to spruce up any wooden outdoor structure for the warm weather.

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The Sweetest Digs


The Sweetest Digs- GemmaGemma may have a bit of a sweet tooth. Her blog is called The Sweetest Digs. She also painted ice cream cones on the wall of her daughter’s nursery. Everyone should. Gemma has tons of experience with DIY projects, home renovation and home decor. She and her husband decided to renovate their tiny bungalow into a 3 story home. For something less life changing, read The DIY Files: Painting A Screen Door to easily update the look of your home.

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Decor and the Dog


Decor and the Dog- MichelleMichelle and Nate are married and in love with the same dog. Together, they have built two homes and share a love of building and decorating. No word on what the dog thinks but he loves getting his picture taken with their finished projects. Michelle and Nate give tips on how to renovate and design a home, inside and out. Their DIY Tiered Herb Garden would be a welcome addition to any yard. Perfect for small spaces and dogs.

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The DIY Mommy


The DIY Mommy- ChristinaChristina is a small town mother of three. She was inspired to create The DIY Mommy after she struggled to find resources online for cute baby clothes and accessories. Her site started as baby oriented but grew to include crafting, home design, recipes, and sewing. Her blog is great for anyone with children, a home and even for those who chose not to procreate. But if you did and need a way to entertain tiny humans look for Make an Easy and Inexpensive Fairy Garden.

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Frug Elegance- Carol and RandiFrugElegance is a term (maybe a word) made up by Carol and Randi to show that elegance and frugality can come together. Hopefully, FrugElegance can make it work because this site is really pulling for them. Home improvement, decor and seasonal designs can be easy DIY projects for anyone who wants an elegant home and not go into foreclosure. Check out Easy Flower Pot Update Using Spray Paint to make your potted plant feel more elegant

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Run to Radiance

Run to Radiance- TaniaTania’s lifestyle blog Run to Radiance is glowing with positivity and helpful DIY advice for the home. She has experienced a home renovation and has a lot of nifty updating and home decor ideas. Tania also contributes recipes, cocktails, arts & crafts and general lifestyle advice to her readers. Tania is friendly, likeable, and a bit quirky. Look for her posts on How to Build an Outdoor Swinging Bed because what is quirkier than that? Comfy too.

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A Pop of Pretty

A Pop of Pretty- KerriKerri is the busy woman behind A Pop of Pretty, a home decor blog inspired by all things pretty in the world. Kerri has always had a love of decoration but three years ago decided to start a blog to share her beautiful home decor and improvement projects. Tired of Wreaths? Hang a Basket (Easy Summer DIY Door Decor Idea) is a simple and easy way to make your door feel prettier without feeling like all the other doors on the block.

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Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart- Eric and CharlotteRebel Heart is a different type of blog. Husband and wife, Eric and Charlotte, share the blog but document different things. Eric’s blog is more about the outdoors and travelling. Charlotte blogs about DIY home improvement advice done cheaply. Separate but equally entertaining reads. Look for Charlotte’s post, DIY Outdoor Couch, for an inexpensive and simple outdoor seating. Charlotte made the couch and wrote the post but I bet Eric enjoys sitting on it.

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Snazzy Little Things


Snazzy Little Things- JeanetteJeanette is a lover of vintage designs and DIY home improvement and decor. She combined these loves to create her blog Snazzy Little Things. She likes to save money and likes to upcycle old items to make beautiful new ones. She provides detailed instructions for her projects so amateurs can recreate her designs. 23 Ways to WOW with Curb Appeal is a great post to update your outdoor style with a few vintage twists.

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Amy is the Party


Amy is the Party- AmyAmy is the life of the party with her party, dessert and decor oriented blog, Amy is the Party. She has the tips and style to make any party look fabulous. Amy is a girlie girl and her designs reflect her personality. She includes simple home decor and improvement ideas, crafts and sewing ideas and of course, recipes for delicious baked goods. A must at any party. Check out her post Make It: Recycled Yard Flower for a homemade gift idea.

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Sweet Tea and Saving Grace

Sweet Tea and Saving Grace- KirstenKirsten is a true Southern girl and her blog, Sweet Tea and Saving Grace, show her sweet natured personality. Kirsten has had her ups and downs but always put her family and her southern roots first. Her DIY tips reflect that and her belief to make your home your own. She provides DIY home decor, seasonal decorations, recipes, and  organization tips all with a Southern twist. Look for 60 DIY Outdoor Projects for Summer for easy tips to make your yard look summer ready.

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My Little Secrets


My Little Secrets- NatalieMy Little Secrets is a DIY and lifestyle blog by Natalie who is nice enough to let us in on her secrets of decorating and life. Her style is minimal, classic and feminine. Natalie also shares beauty advice, recipes, wedding advice, travel experience and fashion advice. She comes off as bubbly and friendly, like the girl next door. DIY Outdoor (thrifted) Floral Garland is truly feminine, easy and a great addition to any patio and porch. It’s also friendly on the wallet.

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Pretty Prudent

Pretty Prudent- Jaime and JacindaJaime and Jacinda are DIY queens, best friends, mothers, and the leaders of DIY super site Pretty Prudent. These two must be busy with this blog and the enormous amount of projects featured. From home decor to lifestyle advice to fashion to travel and children, they have it all plus more. Sounds overwhelming but they’re funny so that helps. The post Three Craft Kids’ Activities for the Great Outdoors has a few activities for your littles to keep them happy and active outside.

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Hi Sugarplum

Hi Sugarplum- CassieCassie named her blog Hi Sugarplum from the close connection she had to her grandfather. She is family oriented and wants to share her crafts from her family to yours. She has many posts on home decor, furniture, crafts and DIY gifts. A true lady, Cassie provides fashion advice and shares personal anecdotes with readers. She loves dressing up and entertaining. Look for her post, DIY Outdoor Bar Cart, for a simple, affordable and cute way to serve drinks at your next outdoor shindig.

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Earnest Home Co.

Earnest Home Co.- ErinErin originally started a blog called House of Earnest which grew and has into Earnest Home Co., a place to shop for home decorations and furniture. But of course, Erin still blogs and shares her crafty DIY advice for a traditional and classy home. Erin provides step by step activities that are guaranteed to impress. Her blog on  Outdoor Rope Chandelier DIY will amaze by how easy it is and how classy it looks...even hanging from a tree.

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Lindsay Stephenson

Lindsay Stephenson- LindsayLindsay Stephenson's self named blog began as a house decorating/renovation blog. As the renovation was completed, Lindsay’s life changed and her blog was redesigned. It’s a place where Lindsay can express herself and share her craft, home, travel and lifestyle advice. Her style is more modern but with a touch of color. Lindsay’s post, Deck Privacy Screen Take 2 or 3, should give you the right amount of inspiration to hide in your backyard.

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Chatfield Court

Chatfield Court- KristiKristi began DIY home improvement blog, Chatfield Court, after buying a home that required a fair amount of updating and renovations. She has always had a love of decorating and loves throwing a room together. Her projects are cute, affordable, and stylish. She has plenty of holiday and outdoor projects for any season. Kristi shows how to fix a lattice in the post Fixing Broken Lattice. This may not apply to everyone but if it does, please thank Kristi for thinking of you.

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DIY Pete

DIY Pete- PeteDIY Pete is a great site for DIY wood, metal, and concrete home improvement projects. Led by the personable and enthusiastic Pete, his projects can be for beginners especially since most of his projects are step by step videos. Pete readily admits he is no expert but is learning along with us and his really cool power tools. Pete is so laid back he’ll show you How to Build a Patio Cooler because really, how cool does that sound?

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Well I guess This is Growing Up

Well I Guess This is Growing Up- KarenLike most of us, Karen must have realized that being an adult seems like it’s going to be much more fun when you’re 10. Her blog, Well I Guess This is Growing Up, is a documentation of a remodel and renovation of Karen’s fixer upper home. She is personable and willingly admits her own DIY fails but kind enough to share her wins. Look at Garden Update DIY Timber Update for step by step instructions on how to build a deck. Win.

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Rooms for Rent


Rooms for Rent- BreanneBreanne’s DIY blog Rooms for Rent is a friendly and approachable site for the novice home renovator and room decorator. She describes her style as relaxed with a farmhouse flair and her projects reflect that. Breanne offers style advice and friendly blogs on a budget for beginners. Her post  The Easiest DIY Garden Box (No Cutting Needed) will enable you to grow your own vegetables without the frustration of cutting a DIY garden box.

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Diva of DIY

Diva of DIY- LeanneLeanne Lee’s blog, Diva of DIY, is anything but high maintenance. She is a personable female contractor in a man’s world proving that the fairer sex can get messy and build. She also provides tutorials on room decoration, DIY home improvement, gift ideas, seasonal decorations and upcycling. Her project idea Create a Pallet Garden will provide a neat and tidy garden space for those without an adequate outdoor area.

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Arts and Classy


Arts and Classy- MeredithMeredith’s DIY blog Art and Classy profiles temporary home fixes for renters. This unique take on home blogging has budget friendly creative decorating ideas without completing remodeling a room or an entire home. Meredith also has a love of upcycling and animals. Hopefully, those two loves are kept separate and her cats are not upcycled. Check out Outdoor Space for artistic and classy updates to a small outdoor area.

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Vintage Romance Style

Vintage Romance Style- TerynDescribed as a DIY and women’s lifestyle blog, blogger Teryn incorporates beautiful designs with a heartwarming personality. She believes every individual is unique and special and that their home should reflect that. Teryn also believes in budget friendly home updating ideas. In honor of summer, Teryn’s post Garden Week:15 Awesome DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas shows really inexpensive ways to recycle items like cinder blocks into fashionable seating areas.

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Better Outdoor Living at Home


Better Outdoor Living at Home- Mary and KathyMary and Kathy are the sisters behind the DIY blog Better Outdoor Living at Home. The duo concentrates on outdoor design and renovation.They are both professional landscape architects so these are the ladies to trust to bring new life to your outdoor space, big or small. Mary and Kathy both prefer a classic traditional style but have ideas everyone can love. To keep warm at night and roast some marshmallows, look at Build a Simple Outdoor Fireplace.

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Chippa Sunshine

Chippa Sunshine- DarnethaDarnetha shares her desires to live a simple life while DIY’ing her way through with her creativity. Her blog, Chippa Sunshine, showcases her home designs and DIY decor. Along with recipes, crafts, and room renovations, Darnetha provides specific instruction with pictures and material lists to help along any home crafter and to inspire others to appreciate the simple things. Outdoor Rug Ideas will provide ideas to makeover any porch simply

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Darling Street


Darling Street- PennyIn addition to being a home decor and DIY blogger, Australian born Penny is an accomplished actress. Very impressive. Her blog has numerous DIY projects for home improvements and to aid in organization. She is currently documenting a home renovation from the land down under, with a newborn nonetheless. Still impressed. Pretty Shed, for Girls who Want a Shed is a unique post that proves that sheds aren’t just for boys. Be inspired to decorate your current shed to fit a feminine decor.

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Riss Home Design

Riss Home Design- RissaRissa of Riss Home Design is a graphic designer and is going through a home renovation for a huge house. Six bedrooms and 3400 square feet huge! A design background, Rissa has loads of experience and ideas for home decor, organization and lifestyle advice. Not related to graphic design, Rissa also enjoys eating and provides many recipes. Not related to eating, Rissa’s post How to Make Your Backyard Immune to Bad Weather will aid you in protecting your plants and furniture from summer thunderstorms.

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Jennifer Decorates


Jennifer Decorates- JenniferNo, Decorates is not Jennifer’s last name it’s what she does. Jennifer Decorates is a DIY home design blog focused on making a house a home on a tight budget. Created by Jennifer, this blog truly shows her love of decoration. Jennifer also runs her own interior design business. Her posts focus on decoration, seasonal design, and making a home more beautiful. The outdoor post Porch Decorating Ideas shows off Jennifer’s design skills and will get you to accessorize your porch like a professional.

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Samantha Pattillo

Samantha Pattillo- SamanthaSamantha’s self named blog displays her true passion for home design and DIY home improvement. Samantha was born to do this. Her father was a carpenter and passed along his love of building and crafting to his creative daughter. She has it all: DIY projects, decoration, furniture, upholstery, outdoor projects, holiday decoration and tutorials to follow along. If you’re feeling as talented as Samantha, look for Quick and Easy Before/After Outdoor Side Tables for a satisfying addition to outdoor areas.

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Kim Levell / Exterior Design


Kim Levell- KimKim Levell is an extremely successful exterior designer who has been featured on television and in magazines. She transforms a drab outdoor area into a fabulous extended living space. With pictures of recent designs and outdoor tips, Kim’s blog should be a go to for anyone looking to revitalize and perfect an outdoor space. She is a true professional and is sharing her passion. Privacy Please, Backyard Screen is a great addition for privacy and to keep your neighbours from getting jealous about your Kim Levell designs.

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