Top 40 Edible Gardening Blogs To Overflow Your Salad Bowl

Posted September 22 2015




If you’re looking for instant gratification, gardening definitely is not the hobby for you. It takes time, patience, and usually a few years of experience to get the hang of it.

Still, everyone should be doing what they can to help the fragile earth that we all live on.

Gardening is a small thing to do for such a large collective effort.


Edible gardening is the scientific art of growing your own vegetables for self sustainment and environmentally friendly practices.

The following garden bloggers are all unique. Some have acres, others only a few square feet and others work with what they have in an urban setting.

The one thing they have in common is that you will learn something!

These bloggers are passionate about gardening and they graciously upkeep these blogs to share what they know for novice gardeners and expert alike. Read on to see compost piles and vegetables grown all over the world.

The coolest thing about gardening, besides being able to provide your own food, is that anyone can do it! These bloggers prove that inexperience and space are no longer excuses for not eating fresh and pesticide free food.







 Soil Association

An organization that promotes farming practices, plant, animal, human, and environmental health, “Social Association” is a UK based organization ran by the admirable Helen. Their goal is to promote healthy and sustainable living in the face of climate change and even provide training for those wanting to learn more about organic living.
Read Antibiotic Resistance for fascinating information on how the spread of bacteria is causing antibiotics to lose their effect, endangering humans, animals, and farm alike.



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Greg had a typical American suburban upbringing. His first job opened his eyes to how human consumption could lead to unsustainable living conditions.Greg began a career that required him and his family to live off the land. This experience inspired Greg to start “Eartheasy.” The goal is to educate others on the benefits of a simple lifestyle and the importance of respecting nature. Could You Be Saving More Water? is a great read for those of us who love showers but also love Earth. 



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With 30,000 people hailing from 100 countries, Roger has begun a food revolution with “Kitchen Gardeners International” (KGI). This Maine based nonprofit strives to relocalize the food supply and educating others on the importance and necessity of sustainable living. This may be the blog to get you outside and sowing your seeds. What is a Kitchen Gardener is a short article with the explanation of what Roger does and the uniqueness of this organization.



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You Grow Girl

Despite being the product of an urban environment, Gayla has always loved plants and gardening. She is still a city girl and her blog, “You Grow Girl “is for every urban princess (or prince) who wants to start and maintain their own garden. Gayla is a whiz with small spaces and a tight budget. She is a gardening inspiration to all. DIY Tomato Protection is very helpful to anyone who lives in a colder environment but wants to protect their delicious home grown garden tomatoes.



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A Way to Garden

Margaret has a tremendous amount of experience in gardening and garden related writing. However, horticulture and plants are her true passion. “A Way to Garden” shows her devotion and love of all things her green. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her blog contains a plethora of truly amazing garden knowledge.Trust Margaret with everything but read Gardening Resolutions: What I’ll Do Differently for an expert opinion in what to do better and how.



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Growing A Greener World

An award winning public television show, “Growing A Greener World” focuses on inspirational and compelling individuals  who specialize in making a positive impact in the world through gardening. They also feature recipes, homesteading, edible gardening, and farm to table meals. Living and Eating Locally describes a visit to new cottage industries that focuses on sustainable gardening. Called localpreneurs, cottage industries are popping up as gardening businesses that provide organic food to local markets.



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Erica defines herself as someone who fell into garden writing. Her blog, “Nwedible”, is made for the everyday suburban or urban family who wants to grow produce and fruit to feed their family. She beautifully describes her garden as a life cycle beginning with compost for the garden that produces food for her chickens who in turn provide the compost with their...well you know. Top 20 Tips Every Gardener Should Know is a starter article for anyone starting their garden or looking to improve their plants.



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Cold Climate Gardening

“Cold Climate Gardening” is a must for any gardener who doesn’t live near the equator. Inevitably, plants get too cold. Kathy lives in an area where it can be 30 degrees below zero and discovered a complete lack of information for maintaining a garden in frigid temperatures. Did My Plant Make It Through the Winter? reminds readers that Kathy is not a miracle worker but gives the best tips to sustain a garden in the cold









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Yummy Garden Melbourne

Greg and Rebecca are a husband and wife team who share a love of gardening. They focus on chemical free produce and raising happy, healthy chickens. Their blog “Yummy Garden Melbourne” aims to provide gardening advice based out of Melbourne Australia. Planting Guide will tell you the best time to plant and what to plant. It may be specific to Australia but if you’re located elsewhere maybe you can just do the opposite for your current season. That will definitely work.



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Shawna Coronado

Shawna Coronado left a fancy office job for a greener lifestyle where she gets dirty everyday. She is a garden author and professional photographer so be prepared to see some breathtaking pictures of vegetables in her books. Shawna now blogs and teaches others how to live sustainably and create their own gardens. Let her show you how to build An Easy Living Wall Entry Garden for a beautiful outdoor decorations for added curb appeal.



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Vertical Veg

“Vertical Veg” is the brainchild of Mark, a city man who would’ve killed to grow his own veggies. So he got creative and when he couldn’t grow down, he looked up. Mark’s life changed with the successful addition of fresh food into his daily life and he has decided to share what he has learned with anyone looking for some added freshness without the space Ten Great Crops to Grow in Containers is a great resource to getting your small space garden growing.



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Farmer D

Daron AKA Farmer D is a young South African native who uses biodynamic methodologies to create spaces that will grow fresh produce. One of his biggest accomplishments is a 25 acre farm in Georgia that uses biodynamic farming techniques to grow produce for a whole community. Farmer D hopes that his teachings will educate others in sustainable living. Organic Gardening at Home has all you will ever need to know about starting your own eco-friendly garden and to learn what exactly biodynamics is.



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Bifurcated Carrots

Patrick and Steph are Americans who now run an eco-friendly, sustainable farm in Amsterdam. If that all sounds very hippie it’s because it very well may be. But hippies are nice and so are what Patrick and Steph are doing for the environment. Their garden is below sea level therefore always has unlimited amounts of water naturally. Extra water they need is collected by rain and their trash is used for compost. Secrets of Kimchi, Pickles and So on explores making your own delicious pickles.



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The Enduring Gardener

Stephanie is a longtime gardener and describes herself as hands on and very committed to the art of gardening. The name of her blog, “The Enduring Gardener”, represents that a true gardener is in it for the long haul. This blog has everything garden related including types of gardens, garden designs and specific tips on maintenance.The (Vegetable) Garden has Gone to Pot will tell of which slugs deterrents to unleash on the pesky villains of the garden.



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Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding is the king of vegetable gardening. Raised on a dairy farm. He received a degree in Geography before realizing he didn’t love geography. With no interest in milking cows, he decided to give vegetable farming a go. He has owned 5 farms and gained immeasurable experience. Charles is a bonafide expert and acclaimed author. Read July 2015 Summer Vegetable Growing and you will be amazed by how much he knows and will be completely enthralled by his writings. You’ll learn a lot about your own garden too!



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Bren Haas

Bren Haas is a super friendly American gal who has loved gardening her whole life. She grew up visiting family farms and is so design minded she has a degree in design. Bren also admittedly loves people and is an accomplished author and host in the gardening world. She is smart and organized so she is always thinking ahead. Planning Garlic and Other HOT Seeds for 2016 Harvest is a good reference for the upcoming gardening season. A gardener can never be too prepared!



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Vegetable Gardening Online

Charlotte has been working in a garden her entire life. She did not always like it but grew to appreciate the satisfaction and joy of gardening. “Vegetable Gardening Online” is a highly detailed blog that proves that Charlotte’s hard work in her garden will lead to success and imminent knowledge of gardening. Planning a Garden will get you started on vegetable and sustainable gardening.  This site will not lead you wrong and will answer absolutely any questions you have.



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Smiling Gardener

Like many gardening bloggers, gardening is in Phil’s blood. He grew up working in his family's gardening store. In college, he discovered organic gardening and and has been hooked ever since. Phil now shares his wisdom from a lifetime of gardening and his acquired knowledge in organic and holistic gardening. The 3 Most Important Ingredients For Most Gardens will guarantee a smiling garden from a smiling gardner. Trust Phil and watch his videos for professional insight.



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Thb Farm

Ellen is a gardening coach expert and and a fan of earth friendly gardening. She is based in New England so most of her postings are unique to that soil area and climate. She loves what she does and is nice enough to share it with all of us common gardeners. Vegetable Gardening the Natural Way is full of tons of useful information to start and maintain a natural garden in your own yard.




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My Tiny Plot

Amanda is Brit living it up in Portland caring for and writing about her “tiny” garden. She has two small children which must be the reason why she sounds so patient. Amanda runs “My Tiny Plot” and has ten essential rules for a garden and chooses to grow fruit and flowers in addition to vegetables. Planning on my Orchard will be the beginning chapter in Amanda’s dream to begin growing the juiciest of foods. You’ll wish you had the land to do the same.



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