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Fort Knox Mailboxes are one of our top selling brands of home and business mailboxes here at Mailbox Big Box. 
Established in 1994 by Frank Schroeder, Fort Knox's popularity has grown mostly by referrals and recommendations from other Fort Knox owners. With almost no marketing and advertising the production team often has a hard time keep up with demand.
Often referred to as safe on a post - Ft Knox mailboxes are built with mail security, durability and quality in mind. If you have been a victim of mail theft or sick of replacing your mailbox after some kid beat it up again with a baseball bat, you need a Fort Knox mailbox
Your new mailbox might literally last you a lifetime, sure it will need the odd paint touch up but the mailbox will not rust nor ‘wear out'

Fort Knox Mailbox Range

The Fort Knox mailbox range currently consists of 7 different models all with uniquely different styles and storage capacities.

Fort Knox Mailbox - M1-LT
  • Weight: 38lbs
  • Mail storage: 1 week
  • Measures: 10W x 10.25H x 20D inches
The most recent addition to the Fort Knox line of mailboxes is also their price point value mailbox. Built with 1/8” steel it’s not as heavy duty as the other models though it is still comes fitted with the same 7 pin tubular lock and made with the same quality hardware.

Fort Knox Mailbox - Small Standard
  • Weight: 68lbs
  • Mail storage: 1 week
  • Measures: 10W x 10H x 21D inches
The small standard was the first of the models in the Fort Knox line. The original 'safe on a post’ is ideal for most residential mail applications and provides incomparable protection from mail and identity theft.
Features include an open incoming mail slot and an access door secured with a 7 pin tubular lock. Available with an optional red mail flag

Fort Knox Mailbox - Large Standard
  • Weight: 96lbs
  • Mail storage: 2 weeks
  • Measures: 12W x 10H x 23D inches
The large standard is bigger and beefier than the small standard with double the mail capacity. Best for households that travel frequently and for businesses who receive large amounts of mail

Fort Knox Mailbox - Fortress
  • Weight: 98lbs
  • Mail storage: 2 weeks
  • Measures: 12W x 12H x 23D inches
The Fortress is a favorite with the Mailbox Big Box team with it’s rugged good looks, large mail capacity and it’s protected outgoing mail slot. The fortress is prefect if you if you travel frequently and idea for commercial use. Includes a red mail flag as standard

Fort Knox Mailbox Vacationer
  • Weight: 136lbs
  • Mail storage: 4 weeks
  • Measures: 12W x 18H x 23D inches
The Vacationer is perfect for those who take frequent and long trips out of town. No need to get your neighbour to collect your mail for you, just leave it until you come back! Features an attractive red mail flag

Fort Knox Mailbox Senator
  • Weight: 148lbs
  • Mail storage: 2 weeks
  • Measures: 12W x 18H x 23D inches
Named after a custom order was created for a well known US senator. The senator is ideal for receiving both large amounts of mail and small parcels. Perfect for commercial use as well as residential. 

Warranty / Guarantee 

5 years on welds and structure 
2 years on all parts and hardware
1 year on the powder coating

A number of our customers have had the same Fort Knox mailbox out the front of their house for more than 10 years! 


Why are Fort Knox Mailboxes so expensive?

All Fort Knox Mailboxes are hand welded in the USA out of 1/4” steel (1/8” for the M1-LT). All hardware used in these mailboxes is first class, no corners cut when it comes to assembly or components.
For the build quality of the mailboxes, our opinion is the prices are reasonable taking into account the work and materials involved.

What are the key differences between the M1-LT and small standard besides the price?

With virtually identical dimensions and storage capacity, the M1-LT is constructed with 1/8” steel while the small standard is made with 1/4” steel.
The M1-LT has been created as a price point product and is the only mailbox in the Fort Knox range that has been created with the thinner 1/8” steel. The M1-LT is still stronger than any average ‘locking mailbox’ on the market and will outlast it as well. If you are after a fair priced high-security locking post mounted mailbox you won’t find much better than the M1-LT
The small standard is ideal for customers who have fear of vandals and mail theft and are looking for a maximum security mail solution.

What is your best selling Fort Knox Mailbox?

Our top seller is the M1-LT which is cost effective yet still secure enough to withstand almost anything vandals will through at it. The M1-LT represents great quality at an excellent price.
The small standard is the second best seller with twice the thickness of steel as the M1-LT

Where are Fort Knox Mailboxes made?

All Fort Knox mailboxes are hand built at Ft Knox headquarters located in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

Do Fort Knox Mailboxes build wall mount mailboxes?

At this time they only make post mount mailboxes

What abuse will Fort Knox mailboxes hold up against?

Fort Knox mailboxes will take a beating and still come out on top, they have been tested on run in’s with:
  • Baseball bats
  • Sledge hammers
  • Big rocks
  • Cars
  • Trucks
NOTE: The M1-LT will not hold up as well as the rest of the 1/4” range (where these tests have been conducted) though it’s still tough!

Do I need to purchase a Fort Knox post to pair with my mailbox?
No, just make sure that the post you use to install your Fort Knox will support the weight of your new mailbox

How do I install a Fort Knox?

Fort Knox Mailbox installation Instructions