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M1-LT Fort Knox Mailbox



The M1-LT is the latest model in Fort Knox's heavy-duty arsenal of maximum security mailboxes. Made from 33 pounds of solid steel, the M1-LT is actually the lightest duty mailbox in their range.

Which unsurprisingly still makes it thicker and tougher than any other brand of locking mailbox on the market today.


If mail security is your number one priority when choosing a mailbox. Look no further than the famous Fort Knox Mailboxes - commonly referred to as a safe mounted on a post!


Our M1-LT Fort Knox mailbox has an anti-fishing measure with nearly 6 inches of metal extension shelf at the incoming mail slot so if someone were to try and put a “fishing line” down into the box to grab the mail, the mail would catch on the extension shelf, drop back down, and would not come out of the incoming mail slot.


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  • 1 week of mail storage
  • 2 high-security tubular keys
  • 7 pin tubular lock
  • Hand welded 11 gauge steel shell and doors
  • Accepts small parcels
  • Powder coated inside and out for durability
  • Free address numbers for the front door




  • 57" steel in-ground post - install using a concrete pour
  • Red outgoing mail flag
  • High-security slam lock for locked up packages with 2 keys


When you are expecting a parcel, leave the door slightly open and the parcel carrier can put the parcel inside, close the door firmly - locking it until you are ready to collect it.
  • The M1-LT is highly customizable with rear door access, extra keys, mail trays and more. Use the chat box below to let us know what additional options you need.


      Small standard newspaper box and post




  • Can be installed in masonry applications, a breakaway post and other post materials 
  • Pre-drilled for the M1-LT Fort Knox in-ground post 




M1-LT Fort Knox Mailbox Dimensions



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