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Architectural Oasis Jr Mailbox


The Oasis Jr Mailbox provides the same solid build quality and identical security specs as the regular sized Oasis mailbox. The only difference is the smaller size of the mailbox, which will suit homes which don't receive much mail or are happy to collect it each or every other day.

It is USPS approved and each mailbox is individually constructed using powder coated heavy gauge steel panels with stainless steel hinges and rivets for durability.

The mailbox allows for the delivery of mail bundles and small parcels while keeping them safe until the mailbox is unlocked. The delivery and access doors comes with weather tight seals to keep mail protected from the elements. The Oasis Jr locking mailbox provides you with security, style, and durability.



Post Options

Architectural Oasis Jr in-ground post


In-ground Post Size 46.5" leaves the post out of the ground at 34"



             Architectural Oasis Jr surface mount post

 Surface Mount Post Size 28"



NOTE: All posts will be matched to the color of your Oasis Jr mailbox when purchased as an add-on




  • The Oasis Jr mailbox is also available as a stainless steel option, where the body is made entirely of stainless steel instead of standard galvanized steel. Consider this option if you are installing your mailbox in a harsh environment with frequent snow/ice or near the ocean.




  • Body: 16 gauge galvanized steel
  • Door: 14 gauge galvanized steel
  • Hardware: Stainless rivets and hinges, zinc plated screws
  • Lock: Zinc plated cam lock with a die cast cylinder (locks are re-keyable)  

NOTE: All required mounting hardware and full installation instructions included




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Oasis Jr Mailbox Dimensions



Dispatches in 3 -5 working days