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Allux Grandform Mail / Parcel Box


The Grandform mail and parcel box by Allux is a high security mail product for when parcels or large amounts of mail are regularly being delivered to your home or business.



  • A large parcel opening allows for safe parcel receiving and storage
  • Built with rust resistant galvanized steel
  • Fitted with a heavy duty cam lock for additional security




  • Parcel opening: 11-7/8" x 5-3/8" x 14-1/2"
  • Mailbox: 13-5/8" x 43-3/8" x 11"
  • The weight 37 pounds



Mounting Base (Optional)

Grandform direct burial mounting base - install using a cement pour



Vinyl Address Numbers

Colors: White, Gold

Size: 3"

Allux 200 mailbox vinyl address numbers 



Grandform Mail / Parcel Box FAQ:


1. Does the mailbox bolt to the ground?

Yes, the Grandform has four bolt holes at the base for mounting (bolts are not provided) A concrete footer is highly recommended


2. What is the maximum sized parcel the grandform will accept?

A box of up to 12" x 6" x 14"


3. What other colors are available?

Only black, although an changeable color panel for the middle section is for sale in off-white, red, green or blue. Vinyl address numbers are also able to be placed on this panel.


4. How many keys come with the grandform?



5. Is there an anti-theft system inside the mailbox to prevent "fishing"?

The mailbox has a hopper mechanism similar to the ones used in USPS boxes.


6. What gauge is the steel construction?

Approximately 18 gauge


7. Is mounting hardware included?

Mounting hardware is not included


8. What size bolts are required to mount it to a sidewalk?

Recommend either 3/8 Red Heads or 5/16 Red Heads size for bolting into concrete.


9. How many bolts are required for installation?

Recommend at least 4 bolts for casting into the concrete.




Dispatches in 5 - 7 working days