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Provincial Collection Brass Mailboxes - Vertical With Newspaper Hooks



If you want hand-crafted mailboxes with an old-world charm, the Provincial collection by QualArc makes it happen. The vertical wall-mount mailboxes exude elegance with the heavy gauge brass and copper materials used in crafting them. This beautiful mailbox comes with matching newspaper scrolls/hooks are included

The vertical model is ideal for installation where space is at a premium



8"W x 12.50"H x 3.5"D


Polished Finish VS Hammered Finish


- Polished

The polished brass finish offers a refined look. These polished brass mailboxes are hand-created the old way by brass artisans. Given the way of crafting, there are some slight imperfections that can be noticed.


These imperfections give the mailboxes their character.  Compared to hammered finishes, the polished brass finish may show more imperfections.



- Antique hammered

A rustic look is possible with the hammered finish. It is hand-hammered, buffed and scuffed. Although the finish may show some imperfections also, like scuff or sanding marks, these are all part of their character and should not be considered as defects.

Each one of them is made by hand and the finish is applied by hand, too.

Some of these mailboxes are lighter, others darker. The variations of color differ depending on the given lighting conditions.


Note: The brass mailboxes (polished, black bottom or antique brass) are in lacquer finish that protects them. However, the copper mailboxes are not in lacquer finish and thus, natural patina may form over time.



Finish Protection

A clear and no-buff car wax can help preserve the polished finishes. You need to clean the mailbox using warm and soapy- water and dry it using a soft cloth.

Then simply apply the wax. It is not recommended to have polished brass finishes when in corrosive salt-air locations.



Dispatches in 5 - 7 working days 



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