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Ecco Stainless Steel Mailbox E2 Large


The Ecco E2 mailbox has a monolithic roofing style with a curved front design. Perforations through the front panel add to its contemporary, almost futuristic appearance. The sloped top allows for easy retrieval of mail and packages.



The E2 mailboxes are crafted using 20 gauge stainless steel and are available in a polished or satin finish with two US MAIL plaque options.


The standard imprint for the plaque is 'US MAIL' and is available in a matching steel finish for a minimalist look or in a tooled leather label for a more classic feel.

An optional plaque with the imprint 'MAIL' is available at a special request for use outside of USA.



Newspaper Shelf (sold separately)

  • Available in brushed and polished finishes only
  • Size - 15 W 5.5 D
  • Designed for mounting to the wall, under the mailbox. Does not attach directly to the E2 itself




  • 11.25 W 14.5 H 4.5 D. All hardware included


Size Comparison

  • The Ecco E2 (right) also comes in a smaller size the E1 (left) 



NOTE: The leather label has been discontinued 


Ecco Stainless Steel Mailbox E2 Large Dimensions




Dispatches in 1 - 2 working days  




Special Thanks 

To Lynn in Garden City NY for sending in photos of her lovely E2 Satin Black  installation