Top 100 DIY Outdoor Living Blogs For Your Best Summer Ever

Posted June 23 2015
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Summer 2015 is in full swing.. so that means we're a little late on this post! 


Well, we hope everyone is outdoors more now and enjoying the longer, warmer days on the porch

If you’ve been searching for for practical, insightful and DIY outdoor livings blogs, you’re in the right place. Annnd if you are in the market for a new wall mount mailbox you're also on the right site ;)

Here is our monster list of the 100 best outdoor living blogs on the web today. It took up so much space we had to split it up into 3 pages to fit it on the blog!

These sites are maintained by some of the most creative and resourceful bloggers on the planet!
As you know, there’s no shortage of outdoor living blogs on the web. But we wanted to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute cream of the crop.

Whether you’re an outdoor decor enthusiast or are just looking to spruce up your patio, these blogs will give you the tools, tips, techniques and inspiration you need to get the most out of your outdoor living this summer.






All Things Heart & Home


Robin is the talented women behind All Things Heart & Home. Created with the simple premise that everything she does in her home is a reflection of her heart. A blog stacked with smart DIY projects, ideas for entertaining and enough cookie recipes to carry you into 2016 if you tried a new one every week. Backyard Project Reveal gives us a look over the fence into Robin's own backyard. Which on occasion plays host to family gatherings of 30 people. Good thing she's a cookie chef whizz!


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One of the hottest design blogs on the web right now. Followed by the likes of Oprah, Ellen and Martha Stewart. SF GIRL BY BAY is headed up by Victoria Smith - who has worked as a freelance art buyer and photo shoot stylist. You will find plenty of outdoor living inspiration on SF GIRL BY BAY, detailed articles and gorgeous photography. Her recent post Dream House: Outdoor Living is a nice insight into Victoria's own outdoor living style.


Follow Victoria @sfgirlbybay on Twitter




Practically Functional


Practically FunctionalJessi is the girl next door for amazing DIY and fun crafts for both indoors and out. She blogs her ideas step by step on Practically Functional. Jessi also provides cleaning tips and simple recipes for those of us struggling to boil water and then mop it up when that proves too hard. She is making her new house a home and showing us fun and creative projects along the way. Check out How to Make a Teacup Bird Feeder to make an amazing eatery for our outdoor feathered friends.


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Tatertots & Jello


Tatertots & Jello Jen's brilliantly named blog is all about DIY decorating with creativity. A proud mother of 4 Jen still finds plenty of time to work on her beautiful DIY projects. Her work has been featured in many great publications including Women's Day and Better Homes and Gardens. Outdoor living fans will love the blog's Summer Projects section which is sure to get your inner creativity wheels turning.


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Jennifer Rizzo


Jennifer RizzoThe slogan Making Your Home Your Own should be inspiring to anyone living within four walls. Jennifer Rizzo has a classic, feminine style that translates into her blog of easy and beautiful DIY projects. From the dining room to her garden, Jennifer Rizzo shows how easy it is to have a classy look and even gives tips on how to entertain rugrats (aka children) during summer. Be sure to find Outdoor Fun and Frusion Go Wild Smoothies for a fun idea to get the kiddos outside and having fun.


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The Inspired Room




The Inspired RoomMelissa is the founder of The Inspired Room. Voted as the Reader's Favorite Decorating Blogger in Better Home and Gardens for 2 years running. Author of the brilliant book Love The Home You Have. Melissa is hard at work and due to release another 3 book titles this year. Her recent post Exterior Lighting {Charming Outdoor Lanterns} will keep your summer outdoor living going well past dusk.



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East Coast Creative Blog


East Coast Creative-MonicaEast Coast Creative is an amazing DIY blog spearheaded by renaissance woman Monica. She prides herself on creative, individual designs for the home that can update any room or make one much better. Also, she may or may not be from the East Coast. Monica married at 19 and has 4 children so she must be someone to trust about being creative. Check out How to Build an Outdoor Sectional where you can rest your body after a long day.




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Gardening Solutions

Gardening SolutionsGardening Solutions is a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) initiative. This means all the brilliant landscaping and garden growing information you find here is backed by the latest IFAS research. While some articles are tailored to Florida residents, much relates to the rest of the country as well. Check out their outdoor living section to learn everything from keeping backyard chickens to identifying poisonous plants. 




Get in touch with Gardening Solutions here




Bower Power Blog


Bower Power BlogKatie and Jeremy are the proud parents of three cute little boys (with one more on the way) and together they founded Bower Power. Their blog is a tonne of fun to read with Katie’s wicked self deprecating humour. Bower Power is their online venue for sharing their unique ideas about home decor and photography with the world. Their Outdoor Projects Section is the perfect place to start to give your yard a new look this summer.


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The Country Chic Cottage


Country Chic Cottage- AngieIf you think living in a farmhouse can be a bit...well let’s just say it, country, than you are correct. Farmhouses are country but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cute. Angie runs DIY blog - The Country Chic Cottage where she graciously lets us into her home and her secrets to having a well decorated and fashionable country home. Angie profiles organization, recipes, and decorating with a country flair. Look for Outdoor Decor Ideas to make your backyard more rustic in a great way.


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RemodelaholicCassity started Remodelaholic with her husband Justin. They both have a passion for all things DIY and for the concept of making a house a home. They created this blog to share their remodelling adventures, project houses, and everything related to making great things from simple bases. Readers will love their latest DIY project Build an Outdoor Coffee Table with X Base




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Suzanne is the founder and editor of Techlicious. The former Technology Editor for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and a mother of 3. Suzanne knows a thing or two about using technology to improve life at home. It’s tech meets the patio with the Techlicious dedicated outdoor living section. Find write ups on the latest electric lawn mower or the exciting future of garden care. You will want to check out Grilling accessories For the Perfect Summer Cookout 



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Domestically Speaking


Domestically Speaking- MaryannWhat makes Domestically Speaking so relatable is it's founder, Maryann. She found her passion and created her DIY site to inspire others to easily craft and make their home beautiful. She even has Inspire Monday to encourage others to pass along crafts, recipes, and more. She may seem like the typical mom of one your friends but she sure know how to throw a summer party. Take a look at Time to Move Outside for the best way to impress your friends.


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The 36th Avenue


The 36th AvenueDesiree is a proud wife and mom who created The 36th Avenue blog. She loves the ocean, eating, dancing and writing. She’s also a big fan of Frank Sinatra (though who isn't!). The 36th Avenue is your one stop home living blog with sections dedicated to recipes, gift ideas and of course outdoor living. Spice up your home tables with this great DIY idea with Mason Jar Crafts –Country Centerpiece. It's written as a step by step tutorial so it’s easy to follow along.


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Beneath My Heart

Beneath my Heart-TraciBeneath My Heart has so much heart (as it should) you’ll wish founder, Traci, was your best friend. Too bad that isn’t likely but you can definitely stalk her DIY site for easy money saving ways to update the inside and outside of your home. Traci is a mom of 4 boys, yes 4, and she can hold her own!. She loves building and getting dirty. Traci will show you how to make raised beds for an outdoor garden to feed your brood.


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The Idea Room


The Idea RoomAmy is the person behind the Idea Room. Once a high school teacher, she now enjoys being a blogger, a wife, and a mom to five amazing kids. She loves the outdoors and in her spare time she’s either out on a run, taking some great photos or entertaining the kids. The Idea Room is chock-full of recipes, craft activities, home décor ideas, and DIY projects. Make gardening more exciting with these creative Outdoor Herb Garden Ideas


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My Blessed Life


My Blessed Life- MyraMyra is a  small town country girl with a truly blessed life. She loves her family and loves to decorate in her own sweet style. Myra’s blog My Blessed Life shows down-home DIY projects for home decor, holidays, and easy recipes. Myra even blogs about lifestyle, weight loss and natural living in a personal and relatable tone. Look for Tips to Create an Outdoor Living Space to create the same atmosphere for friends and family.


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Southern Hospitality


Southern HospitalityRhoda was raised in the South and has created Southern Hospitality. She has had her fair share of ups and downs in life which she uses as a tool to inspire others. Through her blog, she helps other women find their inner creativity through decorating, cooking, gardening, and DIY home improvements. Rhoda has done several house and outdoor projects and all her unique ideas are shared on this blog. Check out her post DIY Outdoor Art for some nice outdoor art inspiration


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Jenna Burger

Jenna Burger- JennaJenna Burger’s self named DIY craft site focuses on the designing aspect of decorating and crafting. That may sound intimidating to those of us with less than perfect artistic skills, but Jenna makes it look easy. If that still sounds intimidating, Jenna offers her services as an interior designer. Additionally, she has straightforward designing and updating projects for the artistically challenged. Look at her simple yet adorable tips to create the perfect outdoor living space.


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Craftberry Bush


Craftberry BushLucy is the gorgeous women behind Craftberry Bush. Coming from a family of artists and musicians, Lucy learned to appreciate art and beauty at a young age. Craftberry Bush is a virtual diary where she shares her passion and inspires others to appreciate the beauty that art has to offer. Creativity is always in bloom with her recipes, decorating, crafts, and DIY ideas. Take a look at the beautiful photos in her Gardening Bench post for ideas on how to layout your own outdoor work space.


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The Polka Dot Chair

The Polka Dot Chair- MelissaMelissa is the sewing queen of The Polka Dot Chair whose love of putting fabric together with a needle inspired this blog. She will show you how to handcraft personal gifts for little cost using her patterns. Sarah proves that handmade gifts can have store bought quality and appeal. Give yourself a present by making a DIY summer pillow sleeve for your favorite outdoor pillow. When you get sad about having to put it away, make one for every season.




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Pretty Handy Girl


Pretty Handy GirlBritanny is the empowered woman behind the blog Pretty Handy Girl. Her famous mantra is "If someone can do it, then there’s a 95% chance that I can do it too”. She does repairs, upgrades, and is a through and through do-it-yourselfer. The Pretty Handy Girl blog provides detailed tutorials for home repair, home improvement, craft, sewing, and décor. Breathe a little life back into your outdoor furniture setup with Britanny’s How to Recover Outdoor Pillows and a Mini Patio Makeover post



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The Cottage Market

The Cottage Market- AndreaDescribed as an eclectic blog, The Cottage Market, run by Andrea shares fun craft ideas, thrift store finds and vegetarian recipes even an avid meat eater might consider trying. Maybe not as a main dish, but the effort is there. Andrea is creative and turns old junk into brand new designs and home improvement projects. Look at Upcycled Outdoor Planter Projects to make a unique home for summer plants using trash you thought looked better suited for pick up


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Addicted 2 Decorating


Addicted 2 DecoratingKristi is literally Addicted 2 Decorating. As someone who doesn’t mind getting those decorating hands dirty, she started this blog in 2007. It’s where she teaches, shares, and inspires others to tackle their own decorating dreams. You will find her personal DIY projects, inspirational stories, and awesome decorating ideas all on Addicted 2 Decorating. Grab a boring Home Depo rug and transform it into a colourful outdoor centre piece with her Outdoor Rug with Painted Stripes post.



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Debbiedoo's-DebbieA craft site, Debbiedoo’s, is unsurprisingly run by a woman named Debbie. Her love of DIY home projects comes through in her enjoyable blog. Debbie prides herself on easy, affordable home decor projects that anyone (hopefully) should be able to complete. Look for Outdoor Garden Patio and DIY Projects where Debbie jazzes up her own yard and will give you inspiration. She has a DIY pizza oven! Who doesn’t love pizza?

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In My Own Style


In My Own StyleDiane is the person behind In My Own Style and the author of the book - Instant Decorating. Her love for creative, colorful, and DIY ideas led her to the world of decorating and design. This blog is where she shares her ideas and resourcefulness to help others create a budget friendly home they love. These rocking chairs made of Polywood Furniture for Outdoor Living will undoubtedly make your summer patio more attractive.



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4 Men 1 Lady

4 Men 1 Lady- Michelle4 Men 1 Lady isn’t a Tom Selleck movie (it could work) but it is a DIY blog done by a woman overrun by men in her house. Hopefully, they’re mainly sons but who really cares. Michelle strives to make ordinary rooms look beautiful with DIY updating and interior designs. Her talents aren’t restricted to inside the house. Check out her Outdoor Furniture Inspiration to fix up your own yard or porch to impress the man, or perhaps men, in your life.

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The Happy Housie


The Happy HousieKrista is a mom and kindergarten teacher who started The Happy Housie. Unlike most girls at a young age who love to play with Barbies, Krista would rather redecorate Barbies dream house. Whether it’s about decorating or redecorating, organizing or reorganizing or even just fun living, there is always something new at The Happy Housie. One of her projects How to Turn Thrift Store Finds into an Outdoor Dining Set is a good start for aspiring DIYers.


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Love of Family and Home

Love of Family and Home- TonyaSelf described small town girl Tonya runs Love of Family and Home to share money saving DIY home improvement projects. She is a working mother so she knows how to be thrifty. Tonya even includes simple recipes for those strapped for time and DIY party advice for those who like people. If you are one of those crazy people who likes other people, look for her Back Deck/Patio Reveal to amaze previously mention people.

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The Paper Mama


The Paper MamaChelsey is the blogger behind The Paper Mama. This blog is her personal space to share her thoughts and experiences, crafts, and everything about being creative to all the moms out there. Chelsey enjoys the simple pleasures in life like spending time with her little girl and good wine. The Paper Mama is an online home of style, food, crafts, and DIY. Check out her brilliant guest post on BHG - Outdoor Lighting DIY Ideas and enjoy more romantic summer evenings outside.


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City Farmhouse


City Farmhouse- JenJen runs DIY blog City Farmhouse where she shows how to bring style to your home on a budget. Jen is a fun loving mother of two creating modern country designs. She also blogs easy recipes and about her life and challenges that can come from raising children. She also knows how to have a good time. Look for Outdoor Bar Ideas + Surprise Makeover Guest for ways to drink outside and keep it classy.


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Young House Love


Young House LoveSherry and John are the couple behind the blog and New York Times Bestseller - Young House Love. Their obsession for DIY projects started in 2007 when they got married in the backyard of their home. Their days are spent on home projects, writing posts and books, designing products, and taking care of their children Clara and Teddy. Outside party seating will never be the same after you read through Sherry’s Outdoor Sofa Searching post


Follow Sherry and John @younghouselove on Twitter




How to Nest for Less


How to Nest for Less- ErinThe name says it all. How to Nest for Less is a DIY home decor, decoration and recipe blog run by the relatable Erin who understands we all can’t be married to Donald Trump and therefore have to budget. She blogs her simple updates, dollar store finds, and ways craft beautiful home decor without going into debt. Get Inspired: Cool Outdoor Ideas tells how to perk up your outdoor space on the cheap and easily.

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 I Heart Naptime


 I Heart NaptimeJamielyn is the woman behind the popular blog I Heart Naptime. With millions of monthly views and being featured in numerous websites like Huffington Post, ABC, and Fox, she inspires, and helps women get their creative juices flowing. She also looks to make a real difference by sharing recipes, crafts, DIY projects, and stories that make it simple for her fans to get started creating. Her excellent post 5 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining with Little Fuss makes a perfect summer start-up project.


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Four Generations One Roof


Four Generations One Roof- JessicaJessica is the family oriented gal who runs Four Generations One Roof. That is just how it sounds. Four generations living in one home can get crowded but that is where Jessica’s creativity comes in. She has many decorating, updating and organization projects. Not to mention her recipes are guaranteed to please everyone from toddlers to grandparents. Maybe not the toddlers, but they’re missing out. Look at Summer Outdoor Entertaining for simple decorating ideas for an outdoor party.

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The Lettered Cottage


The Lettered CottageWith her passion for writing and a love of the cottage style Layla’s blog was named The Lettered Cottage. Layla has a passion for photography which can be seen throughout her blog in the gorgeous photos. Together with her musical hubby, they produce articles for and contribute to several top home magazines. With what can only be described as the world's coolest tree house project Layla's Camp Treehouse post totally redefines outdoor living.


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