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Mail Boss Mailbox offers high-quality mailboxes for homeowners and businesses. The mailboxes we offer are safe, stylish, durable and USPS Post Master approved. 

We live in a time where, unfortunately, identify and mail theft are very real threats. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. We help alleviate the worries associated with ID theft by providing mailboxes designed to keep thieves away from your personal information. The average mailbox is no match for a determined thief. They can easily access your personal information with a simple screwdriver or baseball bat. All that’s need is a little elbow grease. Even mailboxes which claim to be anti-theft mailboxes can be broken into by an experienced thief.

The Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox is truly an anti-theft mailbox. All models are made of heavy gauge electro galvanized steel and are the most affordable of their kind on the market. This sturdy material protects your mailbox from the elements as well as vandals. Baseball bats and screwdrivers will not be a problem against our extremely durable mailboxes. 

Aside from the durability of the exterior, our mailboxes are all equipped with patented anti-pry locking systems. The locks each come with their own unique anti-pick keys. Most models are delivered to you with more than one key, as an added feature. The mailboxes we offer range from small townhouse appropriate boxes to large capacity boxes which can handle small to medium sized parcels. Our mailboxes can cover any homeowners' need for a safe mail delivery experience. 

Safety and durability have not compromised style and appearance. Our mailboxes are contemporary and modern with sleek designs to suit any taste. They are easily installed and come in up to four separate color choices. If you are a homeowner and you are searching for a long lasting, durable, safe and stylish mailbox, Mail Boss Mailboxes definitely have a choice that will meet your needs. 

Our Mail Boss Range

Mail Boss Curbside Mailbox

Mail Boss Curbside Mailbox

The Curbside Mailbox is a full-service model which focuses on safety and security. This mailbox is designed and constructed from heavy gauge galvanized welded steel. It keeps thieves out and your personal mail and identifying information safe inside.

The opening to the Curbside Mailbox is big enough to accept a box of checks, so there will be no worries of limiting what you can receive from the postman in your curbside mailbox. Mail is easily inserted, but is secured inside until you retrieve it by the unlocking the latch locking device the mailbox is fitted with. The latch device is what differentiates the Curbside Mailbox from other run-of-the-mill locking mailboxes. The latch-locking feature makes prying the lock open extremely difficult, if not impossible. 

The Curbside Mailbox comes in four colors and it is easily installed. It can be added to your existing post, platform or gang plank. The Curbside Mailbox comes with a base plate for ease of installation. 

The Curbside Mailbox is sturdy, durable, long lasting and safe.

Mail Boss Package Master Mailbox

Mail Boss Package Master Mailbox

The Package Master Mailbox is a large capacity box designed to securely store your small parcels or large amounts of paper mail. The box has an extra large interior which features “Mail Shield” technology. It is also Post Master approved and comes with is a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The dimensions are 21.5”D x 16.5”H x 12”W and the Package Master weighs 53 pounds.

If you use the Package Master Mailbox you will be able to easily store all your small parcels or large amounts of paper mail without being concerned with spacing issues. 

The door to the Package Master Mailbox is equipped with a commercial grade wafer lock. With an electrogalvanized welded steel body, only the owner with a key will be able to get into this mailbox.

Mounting the Package Master Mailbox is quick and easy with the patented Fast Track Mounting Plate. The 53-pound box can be mounted on an In-Ground or Surface Mount Post, an existing post or a gang plank. The Surface Mount Post add-on that comes with this mailbox includes a base plate.

Mail Boss Metro Mailbox

Mail Boss Metro Mailbox

The Metro Mailbox offers a sleek and modern design for an affordable price. The contemporary mailbox is safe and convenient and comes in a choice of black, bronze, white or granite colors. Each color Metro Mail Box is finished with a durable high power exterior coat. This box offers safety, functionality along with a bit of style.

Installation hardware comes with the Metro Mail Box, as well as reflective house numbers, for your ease of use. It can be seamlessly mounted on most surfaces without a hassle or struggle. A Limited Lifetime Warranty gives you peace of mind along with the added safety of receiving three keys for the box’s 12 wafer disc lock.

Mail Boss Townhouse Mailbox

The Townhouse Mailbox

For those who need a stylish wall mounted mailbox, the Townhouse Mail Boss is an excellent choice. The box dimensions are 15.75”W x 16”H x 7.5”D and it is delivered with an adhesive flag and reflective house numbers. The Townhouse Mailbox can be installed on most surfaces and comes with easy installation features and instructions. 

The design is simple and stylish with a choice of colors that will compliment any exterior. The Townhouse Mailbox is very safe with a flap down locked from panel. The access door on the front of the box is secured with a commercial grade high-quality anti-pick lock to prevent any possible compromising of your personal mail.

The Fast-Trak mounting brackets which are delivered with the mailbox means easy, no fuss mounting for all skill levels. If style, convenience and safety are important to you, the Townhouse Mailbox is the mailbox for you.