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Posted September 22 2015




Smallest Smallholding

Lucy is the part girly-girl, part farm girl who runs “Smallest Smallholding”. An almost vegan,  Lucy is quite fond of of growing vegetables and has been interested in gardening (and all things natural) since she was a young child. For a while there, she thought she was the only person her age who loved gardening and sustainable living, but has since found a niche and flourished. Read Top 5 All-Purpose Edible Plants for vegan seed ideas.



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Little Mountain Haven

Isis is a dedicated and loving mom of soon to be three girls. “Little Mountain Haven” specializes in family gardening meaning that the family helps with the hard work and the garden feeds some very important mouths. Isis lives with the idea to become self sustainable and lives life with nature on her family homestead. How to Harvest, Cure, & Store Winter Squash and Pumpkins is a great resource since the end of summer gardening season is upon us.



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Giant Veggie Gardener

Jannine is a master gardener who lives at 7,000 ft above sea level in New Mexico. Here, the gardening season is shorter, the air cooler, and the soil much more stubborn. However, Janine manages to grow a variety of unique vegetables in her 4,000 square foot plot. Hence the name “Giant Veggie Gardener” Purslane-the Edible Weed will open your eyes to a common garden nuisance and the nutrient rich plant that you have just been throwing away



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Tending My Garden

Theresa has been tending to her garden for 35 years. She keeps it organic, simple, and real. Theresa lives in small town Virginia and wouldn’t have it any other way. Her gardening knowledge comes only from her own personal experience. “Tending My Garden” is based on real life experience and that will always beat anything you read in a book. Reason to Garden-Food That Nourishes is a persuasive article emphasizing the importance of knowing where your food comes from and being self sustainable.




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Creative Vegetable Gardener

Megan is the first to admit gardening is not easy and certainly isn’t always fun. But when you do well and with pride, it is rewarding to plant a seed, nurture it, and then eat what it has become. After moving to a hippie farm when she was 26, Megan is now a vegetable gardener and shares her insight, struggles, and experiences on “Creative Vegetable Gardener” My Favorite Way to Freeze Tomatoes will be expert advice on how to perfectly preserve an abundant summer crop.



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The Compost Bin

Sarah lives in England and runs 4 acres of land complete with vegetables, animals, and family. She is a master gardener and in addition to growing food, she also makes her own wine from her own fruit. Now if that isn’t incentive to grow fruit, I don’t know what is. She has been doing this for years and know dirt well. Getting Very Busy in the Garden is an account of an average yet successful day in a vegetable gardening. Learn some expert tips too!



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Growin Crazy Acres

Desiree hails from Florida. Her gardening obsession began casually (as most obsessions do) and grew when she wanted to start growing food, not just a garden. Florida is actually a great place for a backyard garden like Desiree's. It has a flexible growing climate. “Growin Crazy Acres” depicts the food in her garden and enjoyment she has in collecting and sowing seeds such as heirloom tomato seeds. Desiree’s Companion Planting Guide is helpful and will increase the likelihood of your plants growing strong and delicious.



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The Inadvertent Gardener

Genie is an urban gardener who claims to have a black thumb with no apparent gardening skills. But she also has a gardening blog, “The Inadvertent Gardener”, so she must know something about dirt and plants. Despite her own self effacing personality, Genie grows and grows well. Heirlooms in Pots: Graceful Grazing on the Patio is a guest post but takes a good look heirloom tomatoes being grown in an urban environment and growing well.



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Mr. Tomato King

Steve knows everything there is to know about tomatoes, he is “Mr. Tomato King.” Growing them, picking them, nurturing them and loving them. His blog is a gift from the tomato heavens and will pick up any beginner that has been knocked down by the elusive tomato plant and the many varieties. Steve now lives in France and has an encyclopedia on all tomatoes. Read Litchi Tomatoes just to educate yourself and drool over this unique variety.



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Aussie Organic Gardening

Lyn is an expert gardener who has been growing for 40 years. She grows herb, fruits and vegetables and wine grapes with her husband on their small property. Lyn is a fan of organic gardening which is the most sustainable way of doing things. It not only benefits the person by not ingesting pesticides but also prepares and cares for the soil with more nutrients and better preparation for gardens. “Aussie Organic Gardening” is thorough and informative. What to Grow in September 2015 will keep you going after the peak gardening season comes to an end. 



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Skippy’s Vegetable Garden

Kathy is a longtime gardener who is serious about her hobby and finds gardening rewarding and visually appealing.. Her blog is sweetly named after her dog, Skippy. He accompanies her on gardening excursions but does not help as much as he should. Kathy believes that her greatest gardening tool is her camera and just a quick look at her blog will make you look at gardens in a new way. This link will take you directly to Kathy’s professional looking gardening pictures.  



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The Vegetable Gardener

Catherine grew up in Canada and began gardening in her 20’s. Her love of vegetable gardening became so large she wanted to share the benefits of growing your food with everyone she could. So Catherine risked it all to begin her own small gardening business. Her blog “The Vegetable Gardener” is separate from her business but both are successful. 6 Easy Steps to Planting a Vegetable Garden has professional tips to get any newbie started on a home garden.



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NYC Gardening

Mimi is a self described novice gardener just starting out and relies on the trial and error method to get her veggies growing. “NYC Gardening” chronicles her adventures as a beginner trying to grow her own food in an urban environment. Mimi is also a beekeeper and does her best to reuse and recycle to help the environment. In Compost Pile, Mimi humble brags about her giant pile of compost that will be used to grow delicious urban vegetables.



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Small Green Garden

Kate now lives in New Hampshire but first fell in love with gardening in Germany. She was travelling the country by train where she saw beautiful gardens in the countryside. She returned to the United States with a cannister of seeds, got to sowing and started, “Small Green Garden.” Kate found gardening incredibly rewarding and loves that there is always more to learn on the subject. Something for Nothing is an account of putting money and effort into your garden and receiving nothing in return.



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Portland Edible Garden

Ian was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. From a young age, Ian had a fascination with nature and the natural world. He also enjoys taking on large projects which is probably why he started “Portland Edible Garden”, a blog used to educate others on edible gardening. Check out Last Chance to Plant!!!....Quick Fall Vegetables for September Planting to read about what you should plant now and get a good idea for Ian’s gardening expertise.



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The Garden Dude

Rudie is the brains behind gardening blog “The Garden Dude”, he has a degree in horticulture and has been avid gardener for ten years. He is passionate about organic gardening and preserving natural wildlife. Lawn=Yawn, Grow Veggies Instead, is Rudie’s opinion on why people should stop wasting so much time on growing green lawn and spend more energy on growing vegetables to help the earth and for self sufficiency.



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Your Small Kitchen Garden

Daniel’s blog “Your Small Kitchen Garden” is written for anyone wanting to grow their own vegetables in a small setting. He has the skills to run large scale gardens, and has, but he likes to help newbies with simple instruction, pictures, and easy to follow not complete garden jargon. Nine Tips for Growing Potatoes is a simple, straightforward, and friendly post about the versatile vegetable and tips for a successful growth.



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DIY Backyard Farm

“DIY Backyard Farm” was created as a ‘how to’ instruction guide for the beginning gardener. This site really is for people who don’t know the difference between soil and sand. Greg began the blog to set an example that all families can grow successful gardens together. He emphasizes that gardening will not always turn out well but will always be fun. Building the Perfect Soil easily describes how to build a nutrient rich foundation for your new garden.  


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Sustainable Baby Steps

Tara was inspired to live a natural lifestyle by her mother. She began “Sustainable Baby Steps” to encourage other to live a sustainable. Tara has a great personality and her writing really embodies her sense of humor. She focuses on edible gardening and vegetable gardening. Medicinal and Edible Weeds is an article that will introduce the home gardener to edible plants for extra nutrients or topical ointment which is the epitome of natural living.



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