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Posted June 23 2015

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The House of Smiths


Shelley and Cason are the couple behind the House of Smiths. Join them on their neverending journey of upgrading, organizing, and decorating. Their blog is a collection of DIY projects, tutorials, and a little about family life. This is their space where they hope to share and inspire others to have a go at their own home projects. Take a peek at their house and see how they get creative with their Home Tour- Front Porch & Entryway post.


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Just a Girl and her Blog


Abby originally started Just a Girl and her Blog as a creative hobby and as a way to keep her writing skills sharp. Abby is gifted with overflowing ideas which she shares with readers through her blog. She manages to find time to post crafts projects, home décor ideas, recipes, activities for the kids, DIY projects, or sometimes just some random thoughts for readers to get inspiration from. Turn some old pieces of wood into front door decor masterpieces with Abby’s Outdoor Buoy Décor post.


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Sugar and Charm


Sugar and Charm- EdenEden is as sweet as pie and she must be to run Sugar and Charm, an adorable DIY blog focusing on sweet and easy crafts and recipes. She features the kind of products that make you want to binge on ice cream  and not feel bad about it after. Eden’s DIY projects will delight any girly girl and her designs will charm all. Look at 10 Simple Ways to Add Charm to a Backyard to bring a feminine look to your outdoor oasis.


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Infarrantly Creative


Beckie is the crafty gal behind the uniquely named blog Infarrantly Creative. A clever play on words from her last name “Farrant” and the term “inherently” led Beckie to come up with - Infarrantly Creative. A loving wife and a caring mom to Isaac and Kayla. Her blog focuses on recycling, repurposing, and DIY tutorials that inspire readers to create something out-of-the-box. You will be surprised how easy you can transform a simple planter to outdoor side table.




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Ugly Duckling House


Ugly Duckling House- SarahThis unique blog is inspired by a house purchased by the author. A house that was more equipped for a fire than a renovation. Enter Sarah, who is documenting her DIY projects to renovate an entire house by herself. Yikes. Through it all, she keeps a positive and relatable attitude. If Sarah can do a whole house, you can revamp a yard. Sarah’s post on Outdoor Deck Tiles would be a simple renovation that would make a big impact.




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Not Just a Housewife


Stacy created Not Just a Housewife out of her love for painting and building things. Ever since she was a kid, she appreciated good home decor and looking through magazines to get ideas. She also loves to work on tight budgets to force herself to think creatively and make the best of what she has. Her blog is for all moms out there who wish to beautify their homes without breaking the bank. We love Stacy’s painted ladder plant stand, you can find it her Ideas for Outdoor Decorating post.


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My Repurposed Life


My Repurposed Life- GailMy Repurposed Life will make you think twice about throwing away that old lamp. Gail will show you the art that is called upcycling. It is truly a talent to take trash and turn it into something still allowed in your house. From old doors to bottles to pieces of fence, every object has a second chance at life in Gail's hands. Be amazed by her Outdoor Side Table Made from Scraps. 


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All Things Thrifty


Brooke is the blogger behind All Things Thrifty - a fun collection of ever growing home and outdoor decor projects. She provides easy-to-follow tutorials for her readers and encourages them to be creative in their own way. Whether it’s DIY tips and tricks, decorating advice, or recipes, All Things Thrifty has it - and then some. Learn How to Paint Outdoor Furniture with stencils in the most artistic way from Brooke’s post.


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Tiny Sidekick


Tiny Side Kick- CoreyCorey is a laid back girl who runs DIY home oriented blog, Tiny Sidekick. Home is where her heart is and believes it should be for everyone. In easy to follow instructions with budget friendly advice, Corey will teach you how to decorate a home, sew a quilt, and host an amazing party. Outdoor Living Room is a multiple blog post but she will have great tips on how to create a great outdoor space for less. 


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The Shabby Creek Cottage


Gina is the successful women behind the Shabby Creek Cottage. She has graced the pages of popular books and magazines like Mom Blogging for Dummies, Brides Magazine and was featured in The Huffington Post. These achievements are the result of her passion for DIY projects, decorating, and customising her double wide mobile home. Add some design twist to your porch at an affordable price with Gina’s DIY Outdoor Rug post.


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Thrifty Decor Chick


Thrifty Decor Chick- SarahThe name of Sarah’s blog says it all. She has a knack and passion for decorating a home on a tight budget. Shopping at thrift stores and Goodwill, Sarah is able to pull off fashionable designs and makeovers for 10x less money. Most importantly, she will show you how to easily do it for your home. Look at her post on Outdoor Decor Ideas for advice on how to improve your patio without blowing an entire paycheck on a rug. 



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Clean and Scentsible


Jenn is the creator of Clean and Scentsible. She works part time as a pediatric physiotherapist and is also a full time mom. When her two boys are in bed, Jenn spends her time blogging and indulging herself in her passions of DIY decorating, crafts, and organizing. Jenn’s blog provides her with a great source of motivation to actually complete her many craft, décor, and 'fun for kids' projects. Her post on How to Clean and Organize Outdoor Spaces will help get your home summer fit.


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DIY on the Cheap


DIY on the Cheap- ErinDIY on the Cheap is run by Erin, a mom of 3 and proponent of affordable designs and DIY home improvement projects. She is learning as she goes when it comes to DIY but with three kids, her ability to run a blog, complete projects and put pants on everyday, she must be a crafty thing. To start, look at Cleaning up Outdoors with HomeRight to prep your outdoor space. Even use your children to help like cleaver Erin did. 



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Saved by Love Creations


Johnnie is the creative entrepreneur behind Saved by Love Creations. A scientist turned artist she loves her two fur babies and is passionate about peanut butter and running - though not together. She’s all about repurposing and creating unique pieces out of the most unlikely materials. Her blog is where she shares the things she does to inspire other artsy individuals out there. In Johnnies latest roundup post she shares 50 plus DIY outdoor living projects - we love the look of the giant Jenga set


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Yellow Brick Home


Yellow Brick Home- Kim and ScottKim and Scott are a husband and wife duo who are pet lovers, risk takers and classic Do It Yourselfers. The pair are documenting their renovation while sharing their ideas, struggles, and triumphs with those of us too terrified to buy a fixer upper. In addition to crafts, organization tips and recipes, they also do prints of pets which are super cute. To simply renovate your porch be sure to look for Let There Be (Outdoor) Light to brighten your house up. 


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The Yellow Cape Cod



Sarah Macklem is the editor of The Yellow Cape Cod. She aims to help people build a house that is both practical and beautiful through her resource stacked blog . For those wanting the royal treatment Sarah’s studio offers a uniquely customized online design service. Some of her work has been featured in popular magazines like Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Get ideas for your own Budget Friendly Outdoor Dining Room makeover - perfect for the summer.


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DIY Showoff


Roeshel is the blogger behind DIY Showoff. She creates her own beautiful home project by project through repurposing and her passion for DIY home decor. Her blog is an inspiration not just for mothers and other bloggers, but to anyone - wether they are on their first of fiftieth DIY project. Her post Outdoor Bistro Set Before and After will have you confidently revitalizing your own forgotten set of outdoor furniture.


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The Art of Doing Stuff


Karen is the blogger behind what might well be the world’s most entertaining DIY blog - The Art of Doing Stuff. A Canadian TV host, Karen created this blog so that everyone (with a wifi connection) can benefit from her love and knowledge of fixing and creating. She guides readers through interesting home and outdoor project with step by step tutorials. In a recent post, Karen shows how she made a unique tiled fake grass wall from dollar store materials.


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Vintage Revivals


Mandi is the clever creator of Vintage Revivals. She is into DIY projects and sees a house as an expression of oneself. Rather than the standard - decorator turned blogger Mandi started actually started blogging and decorating at the same time. Through her blog, she shares step-by-step processes to show others how to get started decorating in their own creative way. Have a look at Mandi’s 8 Favorite Outdoor Sprucing Tips to get your place looking fab for Summer.


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Shanty 2 Chic


Sisters Ashley and Whitney of Shanty 2 Chic are decorating super heroines who turn houses into real homes. They’re proud mothers and lovers of Ryobi power tools and DIY projects. When they aren’t designing and building pieces of furniture, they are busy creating free plans and tutorials for their readers. They like to encourage the girls not to depend on the boys for those big jobs. In this post Ashley shows you how to build a gorgeous patio table for $65 - perfect for summer!



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Kelly is the mom of two who created View along the Way. She likes to turn her wild ideas into reality while having a lot of fun in the process. With her husband’s crafty woodworking skills they make the perfect DIY team. Her blog is the venue where she shares her love for interior design. Kids will have more fun outdoors this summer with this helpful tutorial on how make a DIY Playset.


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Making Lemonade


Making Lemonade- CarrieCarrie is Making Lemonade with her freshly squeezed ideas and serving it up to you for free. She has many delicious simple recipes, entertaining ideas and crafts to keep your home as fresh as glass of lemonade on a summer day. With all the sugar Carrie is serving up, check out her Homemade Outdoor & Camping Bug Spray. It’s all natural and keeps away pesky mosquitoes and other bugs to guarantee outdoor fun without all the itching and scratching.


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The Blissful Bee


The Blissful Bee- AmyThe Blissful Bee is a DIY, decor/design, fashion and lifestyle blog run by the beautiful and bubbly Amy. A true Texan gal, she shares her feminine and southern style with others to inspire them to flawlessly design their own space on their own. Look at her DIY-Texas Themed Centerpieces on the Cheap for your next summer party which will look great even if you aren’t from Texas. Her projects will keep you busy like a bee and Amy is your queen.


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DIY Inspired


DIY Inspired- DinahDinah runs the blog DIY Inspired after she was inspired to follow her crafting dreams after becoming a mother. She loves crafting, repurposing trash and sharing her DIY projects to inspire others to transform their home (and trash) into something beautiful. She also has fun DIY party ideas. Speaking of parties, Dinah has a great article on using old alcohol bottles as a vase. Recycled Patron Bottle Vase details using an old tequila bottle for outdoor decoration.


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Fynes Designs


Fynes Designs- Virginia FynesBased out of Nova Scotia, Fynes Designs is a blog detailing crafts, party ideas, recipes, and DIY projects. Virginia provides step by step instruction for the design challenged and strives to jolt the imagination of anyone looking for a home makeover or to simply try something new. Follow Virginia’s lead and give some outdoor furniture a summer makeover. Summer Inspired Painted Furniture breaks out the pastels and will make a nice colorful place to lounge or hold drinks on summer nights.

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Whats Ur Home Story


Whats Ur Home Story- VidyaVidya is from India, speaks 5 languages, and is a financial analyst by day. She is impressive but don’t feel intimidated by her brains because the beauty of her DIY projects are the simplicity and affordability. She has simple room makeovers, garden projects and recipes for authentic Indian food you can make at home. Trust Vidya’s smarts and read How Safe is Your Garden to reveal any harmful plants lurking outside to keep kids and pets safe.

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DIY Playbook


DIY Playbook- Bridget and CaseyThe DIY Playbook is a crafty baseball themed blog run by two best friends, Bridget and Casey They met in junior high playing sports. They’re so likeable you’ll be hoping they have room for a 3rd bestie. They have great DIY activities for home decor, parties, weddings, holidays and more. All guaranteed doable for a rookie. The post How to Paint an Outdoor Rug is a very affordable alternative and comes with step by step picture instruction. It’ll be a home run.

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Life on Virginia Street


Life on Virginia Street- SarahWhen Sarah bought a house on Virginia Street, she decided to document her redesign and decorating in a DIY blog called Life on Virginia Street. She has a lot of design ideas for room renovation, outdoor landscaping, crafts for the home and seasonal decor. Her projects are simple, classic and are user friendly. Sarah’s post on Creating Curb Appeal with Monrovia Plants will make your house smile and won’t intimidate any beginner

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Live the Fancy Life


Live the Fancy Life- JessicaJessica is hoping you will start living a fancier life with her lifestyle and party planning blog, Live the Fancy Life. She also has tips on home design and DIY home improvement projects. Fancy doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Her projects are affordable for the working woman...or man, whichever you are. To relax a bit fancier than normal look to her blog and read the article Our Outdoor Summer Picnic Brunch at Home for a simple and sweet brunch idea.

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First Home Love Life


First Home Love Life- ChristineChristine is the creative gal behind the DIY blog First Home Love Life. She has had a passion for crafting and home decor since she was a child and after a lot of soul searching, decided to get into it professionally. She also has recipes, holiday decorating ideas, organization tips and projects for pets. Meow! Look at her DIY Grilling Station to better organize all your outdoor cooking utensils for those summer BBQs

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Thrifty and Chic


Thrifty and Chic- AliciaAlicia is fun and quirky, her personality shines through on her blog, Thrifty and Chic. She loves building and decorating and owns more power tools than her husband. Her DIY decor has a classic and rich look but is all done on a budget. She is also a fan of upcycling. Her post on a DIY Outdoor Bench will not only make great outdoor seating but it is classy and wallet friendly, just like Alicia.

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Domestic Imperfection


Domestic Imperfection- AshleyAshley runs the blog Domestic Imperfection and is a sweet southern girl who is realistic about the home front. Her projects show that home improvement isn’t always easy and doesn’t always go smoothly. Ashley gives advice on what she has learned over years of DIY projects which is helpful for inexperienced crafters. Her southern charm shines through in her designs. Her post A Painted Front Door proves a small simple change can make a big impact.

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The Frugal Homemaker


The Frugal Homemaker- ChristinaChristina’s blog, The Frugal Homemaker, is the site on how to decorate your home and do projects on a tight budget. She made a cute wreath decoration out of coffee filter, that is genius. Christina has many other ideas and projects that are either free or cost next to nothing. She also loves to spray paint...everything. Her Front Porch Makeover (decorated for summer in red, white, and blue) uses subtle changes that make a big difference.

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