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Ecco E8 Tower Mailbox



The Ecco Tower Mailbox is an elaborate Victorian style locking mailbox. It is built and designed to be installed on a pedestal ("The pedestal is not included with the mailbox purchase") and will easily accommodate several weeks of mail.

The E8 Mailbox is made from die cast aluminium with deep traditional details along the sides. Its mail slot is protected by a small canopy, the mail is retrieved through the large front access door.


Coated in three different finishes which are hand applied to emphasize a rustic and mottled look.




  • Comes with 2 keys or an optional thumb latch 2 per unit in Antique Brass finish 
  • Large storage capacity mailbox 



  • 14 W 44 H 13 D 


  • 28 lbs



                                 Front                                                 Back 

Ecco E8 Front Ecco E8 Back


NOTE: The mail can be accessed from the rear door but the door is high up so a person needs to reach down to get to the mailbox bottom. The front door is used to retrieve mail.

The back door is not meant to be used to retrieve mail. The mailbox is assembled from 2 halves and the rear door is used as an access point to tighten the bolts on the top and the front lower door is used to access the bottom bolts.



  • The hollow base for bolting the E8 mailbox in place
  • The Ecco 8 mailbox is installed by bolting the floor from the inside to a pedestal
  • The pedestal can be made of masonry or weather-treated wood, "Please note the pedestal is not included, please consult your handyman to get the pedestal made"
  • Designed to accommodate a 10x10x3 substructure
  • Please note there is no hardware provided
  • The E8 is not USPS approved and is intended for a door delivery location. If you intend to use it for curbside/roadside delivery you should check with your mail carrier before purchase.
  • Many customers have installed it on a raised pedestal mount to bring it in line with USPS height recommendation




Dispatches in 1 - 2 days